Taking care of yourself in Metro

You just finished your HSC/O level, now what! The next big move is to prepare for university and compete in the admission test. For most of us HSC graduates, this is the time in life that every decision will make an impact. So we dig deep, target the best universities, prepare well and if luck favors, get admitted to the targeted university.  With this changes everything, many of us move to a new city and begins a new life. Everything is new! Where should we start?! We have to learn to live by ourselves. The most difficult one and the easiest one to miss is, how to take care of yourself. Somehow, culturally we do not learn this and make many mistakes along the journey. Eventually, we learn from our mistakes! But learning from mistakes can cost gravely when it comes to health care. We should not make compromises when it is the question of our own health.  Our parents, grandparents and family members always take care of us. But, now that we are living miles apart from parents, we have to learn to take care of ourselves. We can start by eating healthy and exercising regularly.  I admit this may sound very easy but it’s not. Surviving on your own is not easy. You have to focus on the details. For example,    And finally making friends with the right people will go a long way. Don’t rush into it. Feel the room and mingle with people. Good friends will help you to grow and help you to figure out life.   Stay with Maya, Stay Healthy Download Maya app: http://bit.ly/2WkzaYR