Week 23

Week 23

Your baby Your baby is over a pound in weight, is about the size of a grapefruit (jambura) and if stretched out she’ll be 11 inches long.

She can sense movement and she can hear sounds more clearly now so if you turn on some music and dance, she’ll be able to feel it. Your baby will be comfortable with everyday sounds like the voices of people you are close to or the traffic on the road as her ears are used to these sounds.

You can also see her squirming under your belly.

Blood vessels in the lungs are developing fast so that she can breathe after birth.

You Your may begin to swell now and this might be more troublesome at the end of the day. Oedema or swelling due to fluid retention of the feet and ankles are a common problem during pregnancy. Your growing baby puts pressure on the blood vessels carrying blood back from the legs. This makes water and some salts filter out from your blood vessels and enter the tissue in your legs, and cause swelling. There are also changes in your body fluids which makes you more prone to oedema.

Remember to not sit and stand in one place for a long time and walk around frequently. Lie on your left side and stretch out your legs. Wear tight stockings and try to lift your legs as much as possible. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and exercise regularly. Make sure you drink enough water as restricting fluid intake will only make matters worse. When you , the swelling will reduce.

You’ll notice that you are having to and you are also sweating a lot.

Watch out for excessive swelling! If you have and sudden rapid swelling of both limbs, face, eyes and hands you may have .

Danger signs of pre-eclampsia include swelling, high blood pressure, blurry vision, seeing of bright lights or spots in front of the eyes, severe headaches and even convulsions. These signs may mean you will have to go to the emergency right away and get admitted. Other things you may notice are reduced movement of the baby, abdominal pain and even easy bruising (your skin develops bruises with slight bumps or injuries).

Pregnancy tips “I had troubles sleeping at night, so I walked for half an hour before going to bed’- Anonymous.

Community Any other helpful tips that you might want to share with others. allows you to share your experiences with other mothers.

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Things to think about What are your employment rights and learn more about . How to ? ? When the gushes out, your water has just broken and you are in about . Haven’t made a yet? It’s probably about time that you do.