Week 6

Week 6

Your baby Your baby is now the size of a pea, about 0.25 inches and is growing like crazy! The eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin have all taken their forms and your baby has basic facial features. There are limb buds which will grow into hands and feet. Your baby’s heart has four separate chambers now and is beating twice as fast as yours.

She is still curled up against her torso, with an oversized head and an ultrasound may not help to determine the sex just as yet. Although only 6 weeks old, she is already capable of demonstrating reflex responses to touch.

You There is a considerable change in your mood and the and can make you feel low. If you have not told anyone at work it can be difficult, so offload as much as you can at home and involve your husband/ partner in your pregnancy at the same time. Involve him in your about the changes you are going through. Try to prioritise. Rest and see your doctor if morning sickness is making your life difficult. Distractions can help - have a think about the sort of antenatal classes you wish to attend. Apollo hospital in Bashundhara Dhaka have recently started antenatal classes which you may check out.

You may also start to slowly start thinking about , perhaps start reading about the different types of you may wish to take during delivery if/when needed. 

You may have thought that disturbed nights start when the baby has arrived, but many women find their sleep is disrupted right from the start of pregnancy. Sometimes the cause is physical - your growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder necessitating trips to the toilet throughout the night. Other common minor problems include and sometimes even . Or perhaps sore breasts may mean that you . You may wake up in need of a midnight feast.

Even though you are pregnant, most moms at this stage are worried about . Everyone around you might caution you about . So, avoid heavy exercises but moderate exercise might even help you, like some yoga stretches, deep breathing, pregnancy pilates.

Pregnancy tips "I was worried about my vitamin intake as I was very sick in the mornings, so my doctor suggested eating a bowl of vitamin-fortified cereal at night." - Amena. Share your tips below or you can discuss with others on .

Community Sadly many women lose their baby in the early stages of pregnancy. If this happens to you, try to reach out to those around you who have had similar experiences. Visit a ‘coping with miscarriage community and/or group’ for support and advice from others who have been through this as well. is hard and you will need all kinds of support especially from your husband/ partner.

Maya Apa “How much ?” Post your question and get an answer from within 48 hours.

Things to think about What did you crave when you were pregnant or what are you craving now while being pregnant - share with Maya Mums on . Try to satisfy cravings without binging on junk food but by choosing healthy nibbles, such as carrot sticks, melon and mango. 

Read about why many pregnant women get and the or treat it. Vomiting too much? What does mean?