Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash Review

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash is a creamy foaming face wash. It is basically suggested for normal to dry skin type. Price and Quantity: You can find the face wash at super mall or cosmetic store near you. A single 50g tube will cost you 150 BDT . What Dove Claims: Dove has a unique ‘Deep Clean and Deep Moisture’ action: • ‘1/4th moisturizing’ milk moisturizes your face, and its ‘moisture lock function’ retains moisture for longer. • Rich lather removes dirt and impurities effectively to give a deep clean feeling. Because perfect cleansing is cleansing with care! How to Use: Splash face with water and apply face wash on face and neck. Rinse off. Pat dry. If face wash gets into your eyes, rinse well with water Packaging and Texture:The face wash comes in a flip cap tube. The texture of the face wash is white and creamy. Easy to lather and massage on skin. What Our Expert says: Though Dove recommends it to use for normal to dry skin only but other skin types can use it in different conditions • In winter the regular oily skin face wash may make skin feel dry and rough. This face wash is suitable for oily skin in winter. • For combination skin it’s good to treat skin with 2 different face washes. You can use this face wash to treat the dry parts of the face like-cheek areas. Pros: • A perfect mild face wash. After wash normal/normal to dry skin feels neither too dry nor too oily. • Good to go as a morning face wash because we don't need a deep cleansing or scrubbing skin wash regime in the morning. • A little amount is enough to cleanse the whole face. • Easily lathers. • The fragrance is not overpowering. • Contains water in the ingredients, that’s why it works as a hydrating face wash as well. • As it’s a mild face wash it is suitable for sensitive skin. • Does not contain cleansing agent - sulphate. Sulphates are found to be carcinogenic and harmful for eyes. Cons: • Contains Paraben. This ingredient is considered as carcinogenic. Most of our skin creams and makeup products contain this ingredient, so it's better to avoid the face washes which contain parabens. • Can't cleanse dirt deeply from skin pores. • Can't remove residues of heavy makeup. • Not suitable for oily and combination skin in summer days. Rating: 4/5 Our expert’s Recommendation: Our expert recommends this face wash for people with normal, normal to dry and dry skin only.People having oily and acne prone skin can use it particularly in winter.