Well's Almond Oil Review and tips on how to use almond oil

It is quite a tough job to find a pure almond oil brand in Bangladesh. No local brands are available who produce pure almond oil. Only a handful companies import this oil to our shops. Well's Almond oil is one of them. It's cheap and easily available at most of the stores and super shops. Price and Quantity: A 70 ml bottle costs 160 tk. Details about Well's almond oil: Unfortunately there are not enough details available on the packaging. The product is made and packed in Spain and suggested for external use only. Texture of the oil: It's a light yellow and highly-lubricant oil. The oil is a little thicker than coconut oil and has no fragrance. What our experts says: So far, Well's almond oil is a good skin and hair care product. It has no side effects on your skin. But those who are allergic to almonds or other tree nuts should avoid using almond oil, since it can cause severe reactions. To check whether you are allergic to this oil or not rub a little bit behind the ears to see if there are any reactions. Benefits of Almond oil • Ideal for dry skin. Mix few drops of almond oil with your regular face pack to get rid of dryness. • All skin types can use drops of almond oil with their regular face packs in winter. • To treat wrinkles, apply almond oil over the wrinkles and fine lines with a cotton bud. • To reduce dark circles apply almond oil around the eye area before going to bed. • To relieve itching and irritation on scalp apply almond oil on the roots twice or thrice a week. • It's a good practice to remove eye makeup by using almond oil. It will not irritate your eyes. • It is an ideal ingredient to heal chapped and dry lips. • For treated, rebounded or colored hair massage the scalp and hair with almond oil before shampooing each time. It adds extra shine to your hair and also makes hair healthy. • For a glowing skin, mix almond paste, few drops of the oil, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of honey together. Apply the mixture on face, neck and body. Rinse off after 15 minutes. This pack reduces sunburn, spots and leaves a healthy, nourished glowing skin. But this pack is not suitable for acne prone skin. • The emollient property of almond oil helps to diminish stretch marks. • Can be used to heal winter body rashes. • After body waxing skin loses moisture. To retain the moisture massage almond oil on the waxed body areas. Cons: • Well's Almond oil is not suitable for oily and acne prone skin. Over application may cause pimples. • The product does not contain sufficient details. • No ingredient list is mentioned on the packaging. Rating: 4/5 Our expert’s Recommendation: Our expert recommends Well's Almond Oil for a nourishing and a moisturising skin and hair regime. People with oily skin and oily scalp can use this oil in a moderate amount.